4 Reasons Why a Divorce May be Better for Your Children

4 Reasons Why a Divorce May be Better for Your ChildrenNot every divorce is bad for children. If there is a lot of conflict between their parents, some children may even feel a sense of relief when they learn their parents are getting divorced. While there are a number of good reasons for divorce, parents may feel that staying together for the benefit of the children is best. However, that is not always the case — especially under these circumstances:

When a parent suffers from addiction.

Most people don’t fully realize the effect an addicted parent can have on a child. A parent doesn’t need to be a falling-down drunk or zoned-out drug addict to have an impact. Children imitate the actions of their parents, so divorce may be the only option to stop the cycle of addiction in your family.

When a parent is financially irresponsible.

In many American households today, it has become necessary for both parents to work to support the family. Children understand that to have a roof over their heads, food to eat, and clothes to wear, adults have to earn money. However, if one parent spends money unwisely or quits their job without another one lined up, the entire family is put in financial jeopardy. Having this type of parent as an example teaches a child to either be a spendthrift or a miser — neither of which is a healthy habit to develop.

When a parent has no ambition.

Instilling ambition in your children is important so they develop healthy self-esteem and learn to set and strive for goals that will make them successful in life. If a parent has no ambition, it can lead to confusion and doubt. If they see one of you working hard to meet your personal goals and the other just sitting around the house all day, they may begin to think it’s OK to do nothing and let others provide for them their entire lives. Everyone needs a purpose to live a fulfilling life; directionless parents set their children up for failure their entire lives.

When parents don’t express love.

A child’s concept of what love means is formed early by watching how their parents express love toward each other. If there is no affection or intimacy between parents, a child grows up thinking this is how marriage is supposed to be and makes it almost impossible for them to have a fulfilling love relationship as an adult.

When divorce frees parents to find a truly loving relationship, children can benefit from seeing what marriage is supposed to be — a relationship where two people love, care, and support each other in healthy ways. With that example, children can develop new and better ideas about relationships that will bring them greater happiness as adults.

It is important that you do not wait too long to retain an attorney when you are facing a family law issue. Delays can cost you valuable legal rights, and you want to make sure that you have the advice and support you need to make the best decisions for you and your family long after the divorce settlement is reached. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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